Yair Emanuel Women’s Tallit Set Maroon Flowers new art from israel

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Yair Emanuel Women’s Tallit Set – Maroon Flowers Here Yair Emanuel shows true creativity with invention of the tallisack. This one is decorated with pink flowers on a stunningly silk smooth, maroon background. The prayer shawl of this set designed specifically for women is made completely of maroon raw silk. It’s designed with fitting soft pink stripes and patterns of pink flowers. The Hebrew blessing, "… asher kideshanu bemitzvotav vitzivanu lehitatef betzitzit" or "G-d made us holy through commanding us to don the tzitzit" is also written across the yoke of the women’s shawl. But the truly special item of this set is the matching bag or tallisack that doubles as a purse-like fashion bag that any woman would love. A matching kippa is also included in this delicate set. This is a great gift for any woman at a birthday, wedding, or Jewish holiday.

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