10 Pack Emergency BLANKET Thermal Survival Safety Insulating Mylar Heat 82" X62"

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10 PACK • Emergency Solar Blanket Survival Safety Insulating Mylar Thermal Heat
SIZE:210*160 CM
New ! 10 - pack of Mylar Emergency Blankets ...  Lowest Price ... Size -BIG 82 x 62 

Rescue Blanket provides compact emergency protection in all weather condition.Disposable rescue blanket keeps in body heat and preserves body temperature. Small enough to fit in most first aid kits.. Each Blanket is individually packed .. Save Now .Check our feedback .. 

Made of durable insulation Mylar material
Retains/reflects 90% of body heat
Waterproof and weatherproof
Size of each open blanket: 62 inches x 82 inches
1. The surface of the insulation blanket is protected by sun protection coating, which can reflect back the light source, thus achieving the sun protection effect.

2.When cold in the wild, you can wrap the blanket around the body to absorb the temperature, keeping 80% of the body temperature not distributed.

3.The insulation blanket is strong, light, soft and flexible. It can be used as a stretcher.

4.When you get in troubles in the wild, wrap the blanket around your body and use its reflective function to help rescue workers find their targets.

Applicable occasion:
1. After the accident, the body can be covered by the first aid blanket to prevent a sharp drop in body temperature;
2. If the vehicle breaks down in the cold zone or at night, the first aid blanket can be used to keep the body warm.
3. The first aid blanket can be used as reflective film to signal to the rescuers;
4.On rainy days, first aid blankets can be used as poncho; It can be used as a canopy;
5. During the summer sun, the car will be parked under direct fire, and the front windshield of the car will be covered by the first aid blanket, which will reduce the heat absorption in the car.
6. Keep a first aid blanket in your sleeping bag. It is very good to keep warm.
7. Small Package easily store in Car Trunk.

Package Includes: 10 Emergency Blankets

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