100% Kosher Wool Tallit Prayer Shawl Maalot Grey Shiny White and Thick Turquois

Size (Men's): 43"x62" size:45
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100% Kosher Wool Tallit Prayer Shawl Maalot Grey Shiny White and Thick Turquois

Wool Maalot Tallit with Grey, Shiny White and Thick Turquoise Stripes

This wool Ma’alot Tallit features silver lines that edge thick turquoise stripes

 and thin shiny white bands on its sides and is made from pure sheep wool.

 The Tallit has an Atara sewn on to its top edge that is decorated with the blessing said over the Tallit and appears in a Hebrew font in turquoise in the center,

 lines and a depiction of the Luchot given on Mount Sinai. 

This Tallit also has Tzitzit tied to each corner and has knotted fringes on the sides. 

This item is an excellent wedding gift idea!

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