12 Tribes silver plated rams' ram horn shofar kosher 14"-15" + free stand

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Twelve Tribes Choshen Breastplate Sterling Silver Ram's Horn Shofar+free stand SIZE:14"-15" The Breastplate worn by the High Priest in the Holy Temple has always been a popular decorative emblem . Here, using advanced electro plating techniques, our team of artists have added the image to decorate a silver covered ram’s horn. The twelve colorful stones correspond to the Twelve Tribes, sons of Jacob, and the different stones represent their individual qualities . ATTENTION: Choice of small, medium or large length. Length refers to measurement of outside curve. Every Shofar is carefully checked again before shipping for quality of sound. Decorated Shofars are usually half polished/half natural. If not in stock, you will receive a fully polished or natural Shofar. If for any reason, this is not available, allow two weeks for preparation. All Shofars are crafted in Israel. shop trusted. not dropshippers Thank you Cohen Tsemach seller

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