Amaizing Hebrew Letters Judaica Gold Wristwatch Citizen Mechanism By Adi Watches

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Amaizing Hebrew Letters Judaica Gold Wristwatch Citizen Mechanism By Adi Watches
Diameter:  1.3 " / 32 mm

Stainless Steel Back

Mineral Glass

Black Leather Band

The perfect accessory for those with a fondness for the Hebrew language, this striking and alluring timepiece made by one of the Holy Land’s most distinguished watchmaking companies, Adi, is remarkably enchanting. With a heavily framed golden face and complementary black leather wristband, this mesmerizing watch ingeniously operates on a silent quartz movement system, which is designed to provide extreme accuracy as well as the complete silence of function, making it great for those who do not like the ticking sounds common in analog clocks. Exquisitely embellished with elegant black Hebrew letters instead of classical numerals; each character possesses its own numeric value which synchronizes with the traditional hourly progression of the clock. Suitable for either men or women and water resistant to a depth of up to 30 meters / 100 feet, this sleek and stylish watch will make a precious and memorable gift to lavish on someone you love. 

Pronunciation of the Hebrew letters: Aleph (1), Bet (2), Gimmel (3), Daled (4), Hey (5), Vav (6), Ziyin (7), Chet (8), Tet (9), Yud (10), Yud-Aleph (11) and Yud-Bet (12)  
About Adi Watches 

Adi Watches is an Israeli brand, located in the “Kvutzat Yavneh” kibbutz. The factory – which was established in 1984 – now produces more than 200 models of wristwatches for men, women, youth, children and soldiers.

Adi Watches has long ago became a famous brand mostly known for its quality and durability. Over the years, Adi Watches has significantly expanded its activity to producing a wide line of sports, elegant, judaica and every day watches to comply with the requirement of both professional and Civilian segments.

All products at Adi Watches are characterized by the utmost level of craftsmanship and design, and are produced from high quality materials such as stainless steel or titanium. This quality is field-proven on a daily basis, on the wrists of pilots, officers and soldiers in IDF special units.

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