Amazing Hoshen Stones Ring 12 Tribes of Israel Jewish Symbol Judaica Gift Fine Handmade

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Amazing Hoshen Stones Ring 12 Tribes of Israel Jewish Symbol Judaica Gift Fine 

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Choshen Stones Ring 12 Tribes of israel With star of david amulet.
Aaron ben Amram, the first high priest wore the breastplate to receive messages and answers from the Blessed One.
1. Adam- Ruby- Tribe Reuven- Month of Nissan- Aries: Good for fertility and easy birth.
2. Patada-Topaz-Tribe-Shimon-Month Air-Taurus: Increases leadership and self-control, protects against dangers and accidents
3. Emerald-Emerald-Tribe-Levi-Month Sivan-Gemini: Strengthens memory, soothes tensions and anger, helps solve problems.
4. Garnet-Grant-Tribe of Judah-Month of Tammuz-Cancer: Stimulates motivation, courage and vigor. Neutralizes fears, shyness and mood swings. Attracting success and abundance.
5. Sapphire-tribe of Issachar-month of Av- Leo: develops wisdom, is considered the stone of truth.
6. Diamond-Tribe Zebulon-Month Elul-Virgo: Relieves stress, strengthens self-confidence and protects against negative energies.
7. Leshem-Citrin-Shevat Dan-Chodesh Cheshvan-Scorpio: The stone of abundance, attracts success and money, accelerates decision-making and strengthens intimate relationships.
8. In which the agate of the tribe of Naphtali - the month of Kislev - Sagittarius: gives strength and vigor, strengthens self-confidence.
9. Amethyst-Amethyst-Tribe Gad-Month Tevet-Capricorn: Helps to find inner peace, helps to overcome grief and fears and protects against disease
10. Tarshish-Aqua Marine-tribe Asher-month-tribe-Aquarius: Considered a calming stone, good for communication, strengthens the bond and understanding between the couple.
11. That they-onyx-tribe Joseph-month-maple-Pisces: increases self-control, neutralizes fears and negativity, relieves stress and depression.
12. Jasper-Jasper-Tribe-Benjamin-Month Tishrei-Mazal Libra: Encourages perseverance and continuity, gives strength and endurance.

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