Amazing Shabbat travel Candlesticks - Metal Travel compact Size 2" Old City of Jerusalem

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Amazing Shabbat travel Candlesticks - Metal Travel compact Size 2" Jerusalem The payment is for one ball
BEAUTIFUL JEWISH CANDLE SET:  NICKEL CANDLE BOX can be taken with you to enjoy your Shabbat and other Jewish holidays while being used over the years; the small container has 2 candle holders with engraved Shabbat Kodesh wording on its lid and arrives in a protective gift box with a red Hamsa bracelet, ready for giving
UNIQUELY DESIGNED: Measuring 2 inches long
Ships from a small business in Israel
Materials: pewter finish

Width: 11 centimeters
Height: 5 centimeters
Depth: 5 centimeters
Unique and special!
This classic sphere-shaped shabbat candlestick is made from pewter with the Old City of Jerusalem decoration. Which gives a luxurious and elegant look. Use them to light candles at the beginning of the Shabbat or Holidays. Its unique shape makes it sparkle and shines. Perfect for lighting Shabbat and Holiday candles, when you are away from home.
When you're done or the go, just close candlesticks into a beautiful Ball shape.

Length/Height: 1.97inch / 5cm
Width: 4.33inch / 11cm
Depth: 1.97inch / 5cm
Material: Pewter finish
Color: Multi-Color , Pewter finish
Weight: 0.04lbr / 0.11kg
Size: 5 (Size: 5 cm when closed, and 11 cm when open)

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