Cohen Tsemach Art & Gift Hand Painted Enamel Menorah Hanukkah Hanukkiah Pomegranate Blue & pink

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Cohen Tsemach Art & Gift Hand Painted Menorah Hanukkah Pomegranate Blue & pink
6.5X6.5 INCHES

The menorah is a nine branched candelabra, traditionally used to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Every night of the 8-day holiday, another candle is lit with the ‘Shammash' (helper light) the extended branch and extra light.
This piece is crafted from hand painted pewter. Each one is kiln fired to ensure the enamels long lasting quality. We then embellish each one with Gold accents and hand set Cohen Tsemach Crystals.
This menorah comes secured in a luxury gift ready box. 
With a Blue & pink colored motif, the 8 branches are the intertwining branches of a pomegranate vine with the fruit ready to be picked! The perfect gift for a spiritual someone in your life as a decoration or religious symbol!

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