COHEN TSEMACH Brass Copper Judaica 10.5" Antique Finish Menorah Candle Holder Vi

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Brass Copper Judaica 10.5 " Antique Finish Menorah Candle Holder Vintage Menorah This is hand made XL brass / copper Menorah from Jerusalem, with beautiful and exclusive antique finish. Original design! Best seller in Israel Size: 27 cm / 10.5 inches The Menorah is an ancient seven-lamp lampstand which was used, according to the bible, in the temple of Jerusalem. the Menorah is one of the most well-known symbols of judaism around the world and it is also the official symbol of the state of Israel. Metal purity and title: We provide 100% service We ship items accurately shop trusted. not dropshippers Thank you Cohen Tsemach seller

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