David Gerstein Disco Bowl Metal Modern Wall Sculpture

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David Gerstein Disco Bowl Metal Modern Wall Sculpture

Diameter - Flat 52cm (20.4") | Folded 50cm (19.6") | Inner circle diamter -16cm (6.3") | Weight 1.35 KG (3 lbs)

A fruit bowl with a dancing groove in the humorist style of David Gerstein.

 Seven dancing figures decorate the bowl, dancing and enjoying themselves.

 Gerstein started his fascination with bowls back in the 1980's. 

He used to hand paint ceramic bowls as part of his search for new forms of expression. 

That direction has led him to create the modern metal cutout bowls 

- an adaptation of his main themes of interest into an artistic, 

yet practical artwork, which could easily serve as a fruit bowl, a stand alone art piece, or wall mounted sculpture.

Disco -fruit bowl

Size: :45cm

Year: 2009

technique: Cutout steel printed with silk screen

series: unlimited

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