Dri-fit tzitzit Shirt tallit tallit katan Israel IDF Army Jewish Kosher tzizit (

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Dri-fit tzitzit shirt tallit tallit katan Israel idf army jewish kosher tzizit Dry Fit Tzitzit T-shirt in Olive Green This amazing t-shirt allows you to keep the commandment of wearing tzitzit and stay cool at the same time. The shirt is made of revolutionizing dry fit fabric that allows sweat to just evaporate keeping you cool and dry. There are tzitzit strings attached to the four corners at the bottom of the t-shirt as is per Jewish tradition. The shirt also has two snaps on each bottom side of the t-shirt allowing for the corners to exist yet keep the shirt closed. The Dry Fit Tzitzit T-shirt is great for wearing while playing sports, being active, or keeping cool on that hot summer day A tzitzit garment is known as a 'Talit Katan' or miniature prayer shawl and it is one of the 613 commandments to wear every day. Jewish Tradition dictates that the strings themselves, known as tzitzit strings, must be put on any four cornered garment. Each shirt with the tzitzit t-shirt are 100% certified kosher with the seal of approval from Rabbi Wasner's Certifiactation.

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