Emanuel Classic Contemporary Aluminum Chanukah Menorah Colorful Hanukkah 17 CM

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Yair Emanuel Classic Contemporary Aluminum Chanukah Menorah - Colorful 
Item Key: HO-1
Small Classic Hanukkah Menorah - Multicolor
Item size (cm) 17*17

This Menorah is designed and produced by the Jerusalem artist Yair Emanuel.
Emanuel's designs are based on the combination of the classic traditional motifs, and the modern and Oriental.
This Menorah had "old new" design. The base of the Menorah is made of aluminum and the various reeds are painted in enamel colors. The upper part of the nine reeds, made of aluminum painted in different anodized colors. The Menorah can be cleaned by pouring boiling water to clean the wax.

Traditional branched Menorah in a contemporary style
Colorful branches blend with colorful candle holders
Stem attached to silver base holds the taller shamash
Use candles - for holes of 1 cm diameter

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