Empty Chair bird on a chair Metal Modern Sculpture David Gerstein MODERN ART

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Empty Chair
edition: Unlimited
type: General
32 cm height. signed
Cutout steel.

The Artist:
David Gerstein Born in Jerusalem, 1944.
Studied and teached at the Bezalel Academy of arts in Jerusalem; Beaux Arts, Paris; Art Students' League, N.Y; St. Martin's, London.
Exhibited in one-man shows at the Israel Museum, Haifa Museum and Herzeliya Museum, and at countless public and private galleries in Israel, Europe and America.
His art is permemently Installed in cities and museums such as the Israel Museum, the Tefen Open Museum, The Science Museum in Jerusalem;the cities of Jerusalem, Ramat Hasharon, Lod,Herzeliyya and Ancient Avdat; the Jerusalem Theater, The National Israeli Electric Company, Bank Leumi and others.

"David Gerstein's style is his own. There is a witty and restrained humor, an inexhaustible colorfulness, and an astonishing expressive power.." "Gerstein breaks the frame, the stylistic conventions, and of course the familiar structure of the thematics of art." "Gerstein defeats every style, every artistic conception, easily takes in relevant items, mixes and crosses them, and displays them in a new and sober light."

Dr. Beruch Blich

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