GORGEOUS BEAUTY&CARE Amaizing Ben Porat Yosef Blessing Kabbalah Hamsa - Wall Pla

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Amaizing Ben Porat Yosef Blessing Kabbalah Hamsa - Wall Plaque decoration This beautiful wall plaque is one of a kind, mixes burnt clay impressions, colors and glaze with 24k gold ornaments, into an original design. The plaque represent the 'HAMSA' meaning five, a hand and its five fingers. The Hamsa is a popular relic in the middle eas, believed to protect against the evil eye and bad wishers. It can be foumd in many homes close to the entrance door. the fish are a symbol for good luck, fertility and prosperity. This delicate hand made ceramic plaque can be hang on the wall or used whith our wooden stand to place on your desk or counter, giving a beautiful touch to your home/office. A perfect and original gift for your love ones. Let me introduce myself: My name is Amir Simon Rom, a Judaica artist and graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. I established my studio ‘Art in Clay’ in 2008, in which I create painted ceramic wall décor plaques. All my designs and handmade ceramic plaques are infused with the spirit of Israel and the Jewish tradition. My motifs include the pomegranate, the Tree of Life, Jerusalem, Jewish blessings and verses from the Bible. I put a lot of love and care into my creations, which are displayed in Jewish museums, as well as galleries. My pieces are purchased as gifts for personal events, such as: Weddings, Birthdays, , House warmings etc.

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