GORGEOUS BEAUTY&CARE Beach Game Matkot Original TING-Dong 2 Racquet Matkot Paddl

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Beach Game Matkot Original TING-DONG 2 Racquet Matkot Paddles + Ball TINK-DONG Made By Israeli Company "TING-DONG" Brand New Ting Dong Original Israeli Paddles THE SECRET OF SUCCSESS OF TING-DONG PADDLEBALL FACTORY IN TEL-AVIV In a small street in south Tel Aviv, there is a four-generation family plant for the production of handmade Israeli paddles (paddle-balls). The plant, owned by Moshe Dagan, continues to steadily develop and offer a variety of paddles, while ensuring international standards Factory team takes care to introduce the Israeli market the best innovations in the field of the paddles, while maintaining uncompromising quality and reliability

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