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1967 TORAH BIBLE PRAYER SIDDUR AVODAT ISRAEL, SILVER / TORQUOIS HEBREW & ENGLISH The SIDDUR cover is handmade by a fighter from the Israeli Lehi organization Full name: Dr. Bahav Avraham 591 Page A vintage work of Jewish religious text, titled Siddur Avodat Israel, published by Sinai Publishing of Tel Aviv, Israel, 1967. It features prayers and services for various occasions, in both Hebrew and English. It reads right to left, and features a metal cover with silver plated designs filigree twelve tribes. limited edition ! A special gift given to government officials after the Six Day War Condition: Not used Full name: Dr. Bahav Avraham Nickname in Lehi: Yoel Date of birth: 23.6.1925 Country and city Birth: Poland, Lodge Year of joining Lehi: 1940 Avraham was born on Rosh Chodesh Tammuz - June 23, 1925 in Lodz, Poland, to Dov and Sara Bahrav, a religious Zionist family, one of whose ancestors was Rabbi Yaakov Bahrav, one of the founders of the new settlement in Safed, in the Middle Ages. His grandfather purchased an agricultural farm run by his father, in which he trained pioneers to immigrate to Israel. When Hitler came to power, his parents left their vast property and immigrated to Israel with nine-year-old Abraham and the beautiful baby. They made a living from a metal products workshop in Tel Aviv that later served as a "slick" underground. When he was studying at the Tachkemoni School, Avraham joined the community's scouts and approached Betar and the national cells. In Montefiore-Arab High School, he studied and worked on the day. In 1940, he joined Lehi. Its activities: weapons training, pasting stickers, tours, observations, securing wanted persons and more. At the same time he joined the defense, so that he could practice freely with weapons, which later helped him to be released from detention on the standard of a defender. In 1944, as a result of the tip-off, he was interrogated and sent to Latrun even though the FBI did not know which organization

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