Hagor Industries Coverall IDF Hermonit Snowsuit Ski Snow Suit Mens Cold Winter Clothing Gear 3XL

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IDF Israel Cold Weather Hermonit Winter Gear Coverall water proof xxxl IDF Cold weather garment also known as the "Hermonit" is made in Israel by Hagor Industries. Provides effective protection against wind, snow, and frost. Retains body temperature. Features two side zippers which extend the entire length of the garment. Synthetic fur lines the collar and hood. The warmest garment available in the IDF, protecting against the coldest possible conditions in Israel. Covers the entire body and is very comfortable. Outer layer made of 100% Nylon and is water resistant. Insulation made of hollow fibers. Hagor Industries was founded in 1956. Hagor is a major supplier of military gear to Israel Defense Forces, Israel Police, Special Anti-Terror Units in Israel and world wide. Hagor has been manufacturing a large variety of items connected with Soldiers personal gear for more than 50 years.

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