Hand Painted Yemenite kudu Shofar with United States - Israel Flag

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Hand Painted Yemenite kudu Shofar with United States - Israel Flag
This impressive elongated Kudu horn is a must for all who support the ties of friendship that bind Israel and the United States. Let the blast of the horn express the two countries’ shared belief in individual freedom and democracy. Entirely hand- painted, the horn’s body displays at its base the flag of Israel - the blue and white Star of David. Alongside (almost holding its hand!) is an image of the Flag of Israel with its eleven stripes and fifty stars.

Hand-painted by Irina Rabinovich. This gifted Russian artist grew up in Siberia, yearning to settle in Israel. Today, deeply fulfilled, she paints Yemenite Shofar horns, bringing to them a unique style and beauty.

Easy blow horn. Non-scented.
Available in length 42”-45”. Measurement is around outside curve.
Before shipping, the horn will be checked again to ensure superior sound quality.

This shofar takes a week to prepare.

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