Hebrew Spanish Torah Pentateuch Haftarot Book Bible Synagogue Lujoso [Leather Bo

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hebrew&spanish torah pentateuch&haftarot book bible syanagoue lujoso Hebrew & Spanish Judaica TORAH Pentateuch & Haftarot Book Bible Judaica israel Contents: Torah & Haftarot Written in Hebrew with page to page Spanish translation The Torah (Pentateuch) is the first of three parts of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). Contains 5 books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Hebrew: Be'Reshit, Shemot, Va'Yikra, Ba'Midbar, Devarim Versión castellana conforme a la tradición judía por moisés katznelson Nueva edicion revisada Printed in israel Editorial sinai tel aviv israel Los cinco libros de moises Tora con haftarot SIZE:18\13 cm shop trusted. not dropshippers Thank you Cohen Tsemach seller

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