Kabbalah Protection Ring, Silver and Gold Ring,"Ben Porat Yosef" Priestly Blessing Hebrew Ring

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Kabbalah Protection Ring, Silver and Gold ,"Ben Porat Yosef" Priestly Blessing Jewish jewelry men Kabbalah ring Priestly Blessing Birkat Kohanim Jewish ring for men please write us your exact size 5 -13 US SIZE Handmade item Ships from a small business in Israel Materials: Sterling Silver, 9k Yellow Gold We have a one of a kind ring that has a gold plaque placed between silver frames. "Ben Porat Yosef" is the blessing of Jacob given to his son Yosef which guarded him from the evil eye and from all the negative forces. This blessing is carved on this silver and gold ring in the center. The silver borders have tiny Stars of David engraved beautifully besides one another. This meaningful ring which also is a great fashion accessory can soon be yours. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE Shipping time may vary depending on the item purchased. Regular free shipping should arrive at its final destination between 5-10 days after departure. If you need your order to arrive quickly or live in a remote area / a country with intermittent postal service, Handmade, ships from Israel.

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