3 Life Mel Life Mel Honey New Arrival - from Israel

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3 LifeMel (Life Mel) - Chemo Support Honey, New Arrival - Exp: June 2023 Life Mel Honey is produced from bees fed on a special food mixture which enables them to make a unique form of honey with all the beneficial properties of the therapeutic herbs and natural ingredients. This honey is specially produced in a controlled environment which guarantees a pollution-free pollination process. Other than collecting the honey from the hive and packing it, the honey is not artificially treated in any way and no ingredients are added after extraction of honey from the hive. Life Mel Honey uses nectar derived from therapeutic herbs including Siberian Ginseng, Uncaria Tomentosa, combined with a selection of natural ingredients including iron, protein and vitamins. Siberian Ginseng has traditionally been used as a tonic, whilst Echinacea is a traditional herbal remedy and well regarded for its ability to help support the immune system. Uncaria Tomentosa is believed to have antioxidant properties and has also been traditionally used to benefit the immune system. Life Mel Honey has a distinctive and pleasant flavour and aroma. Dosage: Two 5g teaspoons a day, one in the morning on an empty stomach and one in the evening. The honey should be sucked slowly. How should Life Mel be stored? Life Mel should be kept at room temperature and stored in a dark place. If it crystalises, stand the jar in hot water for a few minutes until it achieves the normal consistency

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