Made In Israel Argan Oil Hair Mask Restorative Hair Mask Repair By Gorgeous New

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A professional hair mask from the KK-Keratin Keeper series, enriched with vitamins, keratin, flax oil, and argan oil.


Highly recommended for dry, damaged, and chemically treated (dyed, permed, etc.) hair, and for use after exposure to environmental stress as a result of sun and saltwater. The mask is manufactured using the Keratin Keeper technology, designed to preserve the natural keratin of the hair shaft and scalp, and provides hair with shine, softness, and flexibility. Contains hyaluronic acid to preserve scalp health and to help reduce the risk of irritation caused by extreme dryness.


Directions for use:


After shampooing, apply to damp hair, massaging lightly. Wait 2-3 minutes and rinse.


We at GORGEOUS have set ourselves a goal to bring premium quality products to the hair care industry. Chemical hair treatment as dyeing, hair straightening and perm causing the hair damage. As a result of those treatments, the hair loses its natural elasticity and shine. We present to you GORGEOUS Hair Products based on the Keratin Keeper series. GORGEOUS hair product return to the damaged hair it's flexibility and natural shine, leaving it soft and pleasant to the touch. GORGEOUS hair product are SLS free and salt free, enriched with vitamins, keratin, flax oil and Argan oil. We at GORGEOUS redefine responsibility and prestige

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