MAIMONIDES Mishne Tora [Hardcover] sinai

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MAIMONIDES Mishne Tora Libro Torah Book Spanish & Hebrew RAMBAM Española &Hebreo Large, Hard Cover,Brand New, Printed in Israel, 329 pages Nice and easy to read, written in Hebrew with page to page Spanish (español) translation Includes additions for the Torah and Jewish laws (Halachot) by Rabbi Moshe Ben maimon (Maimonides) Maimonides (Ha'Rambam) Mishne Tora Libro Español & Hebreo Grande, Tapa dura, agradable y fácil de leer, a estrenar, Impreso en Israel, 329 páginas Dimensión / Size (L x A) : 9 x 6.3 inch / 23 x 16 cm Peso / Weight : 2.2 Lbs / 1 KG

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