Set Shofar,Oryx,Ram Horn,Kudu,vintage 8" Menorah,Carrying Bag+Spray

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Amaizing Set Shofar ,Oryx ,Ram Horn,Kudu,vintage 8" Menorah ,Carrying Bag+Spray Israel Judaica Brass copper 8" Menorah candle holder with Jewish Star Of David Amaizing Set Shofar Oryx ,Ram Horn,Kudu,vintage 8" Menorah,Carrying Bag,+ Spray Set: 5. Express delivery EMS Best quality products! Not made in China! Include: Carrying Bag Lion Of Judah, Anti-odor Spray shofar Kudu 16"-19" Big Shofar Oryx 28"-30" Ram Horn 10"-11" Messianic vintage 8" Menorah candle holder Holyland Gift (not made in china) shop trusted. not dropshippers Thank you

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