Shofar Yemenite Horn Extra Large 39-42" Painted Paint Kudu Lion of Judah

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Hand Painted Yemenite Shofar - Lion of Judah

The Lion of Judah is a reference to the blessing of Jacob comparing his son Judah to a lion and promising him that royal kings would descend from him. Ever since, the lion is a symbol of strength and majesty. On this splendid curved Yemenite Shofar, our artist has carefully hand-painted a jet black background and a dramatic lion in gold colors with the words, “Lion of Judah.”
Available in two lengths. Measurement is around outside curve.
This horn is half polished-half natural. If unavailable, we send polished or natural. If out of stock, allow two weeks for preparation.
Before shipping, your horn will be checked again to ensure superior sound quality.

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