TALLIT KATAN Talitania TZIZIT 100% Cotton-All Men Sizes Kosher Tzitzit Jewish Sh

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Talitania TZIZIT 100% COTTON-All Men Sizes Kosher Tzitzit Jewish Shirt Tzitzis Here is a great combination – an undershirt for adults with Tzitzit attached. It is made of 100% cotton to provide ease and comfort in your active life. The slits at the side ensure that it is in full accordance with Halachic rulings. This tallit katan, as all our tallitot, is made in Israel. Its Kosher tag confirms that it was made according to the strict standards of Halachah – Jewish law. Our sages say, “Whoever observes the mitzvah of tzitzit, it is considered as if he has observed the entire Torah.” Age 3-4 (size 6) Height 41cm width 31cm Age 5-6 (size 8) Height 46cm width 34cm Age 7-8 (size 10) Height 49cm width 38cm Age 9-11 (size 12) Height 53.5cm width 43cm Age 11-13 (size 14) Height 57cm width 51cm Size S Height 64cm width 52cm Size M Height 65cm width 57cm Size L Height 69.5cm width 63cm Size XL Height 75cm width 63cm Size XXL Height 80cm width 63cm

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