The priestly blessing pendant- Silver Wheel and Onyx Necklace hebrew necklace

Length (inches): 16
Sale price$120


The priestly blessing pendant- Silver Wheel and Onyx Necklace hebrew necklace for men, Mens Gift
Handmade item
Pendant height: 0.4 Inches
Materials: Silver
Gemstone: Onyx
Adjustable length
Made to Order
This beautiful necklace combines many elements into a wonderfully harmonious whole! The ornate sterling silver frame contains a large polished piece of deep black onyx.
inscribed with the ancient Priestly blessing, and reads: Yevarechecha Adonai Veyishmarecha. Yaer Adonai Panav Elecha Vayichuneka. Yisah Adonai Panav Elecha Veyasem Lecha Shalom – May God bless you and guard you. May He shine His face on you and show you favor. May God lift His face to you and give you peace. It would make a wonderful gift to anyone with a personal, spiritual connection to Judaism.
A beautiful necklace perfect gift ,unique and elegant style with ♡
925 Sterling silver circle necklace with hebrew initials Made in Israel.
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925 Sterling Silver, Onyx Stone

Diameter: 20mm / 0.79"

Combine your Jewish faith with elegant style with this magnificent pendant. The design features words from the Priestly Blessing engraved on stunning sterling silver around a disc of jet black onyx stone. The words of the blessing diplayed are: "Yevarechecha Adonai Veyishmarecha, Ya'er Aondai Panav Elecha Vichunecha " ("May G-d Bless You and Keep You, May G-d Make His Face Shine to You and be Gracious To You") (Numbers 6:24-25). The pendant is also engraved with the initials א.ל.ד, which is one of the Kabbalistic names for G-d and provides protection against the Evil Eye. A beautiful blend of Jewish mysticism and fashionable design, this pendant would make a magnificent gift for someone you love.

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