The TREE of LIFE. Hand Made Ceramic Plaque. 24k Gold Decor. Holy Land Gift Art i

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The TREE of LIFE. Hand made ceramic plaque. 24k gold decor.Holy Land gift Tree Of Life Hand Made Wall Plaque 12*17cm The Tree of Life is featured in the Book of Genesis, 2:29. Also, The Kabbalah uses it to represent the map of the creation. In Judaism, the tree symbolizes the Holy Bible. In other cultures it is known as the ‘World Tree’. The unique technique mixes burnt clay impressions, color and glaze,with 24k gold ornaments create a unique and beautiful piece. The wall plaque is original, hand made, one of a kind. We put a lot of care and love into our art and hope that you will get pleasure from our work. This original hanging wall plaque is about The Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is mentioned in the Book of Genesis (2;9). The Kabbalah depicts the Tree of Life in the form of ten interconnected nodes, using the tree to represent a map of The Creation. The Tree of Life also symbolises the Torah Each item is unique and individually hand made, therefore no two are alike

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