White Raw Silk Yair Emanuel Tallit with Matching Bag and Kippa - Tree of Life

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This Yair Emanuel tallit is made ofwhite raw silk and decorated with the tree of life and the Hebrew words "Etz chaim he lamahazikim ba vetomchaiha meushar". The tallit comes with a matching tree of life bag This magnificent set of tallit, tallit bag and kippa is made of white fabric with special embroidery of the tree of life. The kippa has 4 main embroideries of the tree of life: it it is brown with many branches and leaves in different shades of green. The matching tallit bag includes the same large description of the same tree. The beautiful and unique tallit is made of raw silk with the tree of life depicted on it. The tallit also has a special gold inscription on the neckband: "Etz chaim he lamahazikim ba vetomchaiha meushar". These words are from the book of Proverbs, and they calling the Torah the tree of life. If you support it you are happy. This is a beautiful birthday present for your grand-father, father or husband!

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