Yair Emanuel Tallit Set Full Embroidery- Blue Bar Mitzvah Gift Prayer Shawl Set

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Tallit Prayer shawl set Blue Star of David, Tallis, Bar Mitzvah gift, Jewish wedding, Jewish prayer shawl, Jewish gifts, Tallit bag, TAH-1B This impressive Yair Emanuel Tallit Set is made from raw silk and is decorated with embroidered Stars of David in silver and blue as well as blue stripes and rainbows. The Tallit Bag features bands of Stars in blue together with silver colored arches and has the word “Tallit” in the center. The Kippah features a matching design in concentric circles on its body and the Tallit has the same design on the Atarah, sides and corners. The Tallit also features blue stripes. The Hebrew text on the Tallit consists of the final phrase of the blessing traditionally recited before putting on the Tallit during prayer services "Asher Kidshanu BeMitzvotav VeTzibanu Lehitatef BeTzitzit" A special set that will be a wonderful and meaningful Bar Mitzvah gift, engagement gift and a wedding gift. Dimensions: 20" X 75" (50cm X 190cm) Made with love in Israel. shop trusted. not dropshippers Thank you Cohen Tsemach seller

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